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    Genie Share the Successful Experience of the Lease

    Organized by the KHL First International Leasing Summit held in Beijing, the summit has invited representatives from the construction machinery industry, including contractors, leasing companies, manufacturers and suppliers to discuss the future of China's leasing industry. The world's top brands aerial work platforms - Genie as a silver sponsor of the summit which involved sharing successful experiences in overseas Genie to participants, growing up with Chinese leasing industry partners.

    Summit Chairman said that with the recent slowdown in the pace of China's economic development and rising labor costs , the development of space rental market China has become a huge global business giants have targeted leasing a piece of cake . At present, China's domestic leasing industry is still stuck in small, decentralized, traditional original state independently operated; the urgent need to establish a standardized Chinese leasing industry environment.

    Another issue surrounding the new exhibition of construction equipment - aerial work platform rental starts. In recent years, more and more aerial work platform construction enterprises welcome, safe and convenient for the user aerial platform greatly improves productivity while reducing working hours and reduce expenses. Genie at the summit , said the scope of aerial work platforms is not limited to construction sites , but also the location of all required aerial traffic roads, electricity , mining, shipyards, interior decoration. Regular use of some of the industry prompted the aerial work platform is ideal for leasing and hire purchase companies to those end-users , in addition, excellent leasing companies can help users more quickly complete the work and maintain the stability of the device . Meanwhile, aerial work platform rental market to develop and flourish allow more Chinese users to benefit from the use of aerial work platform safety and efficiency , making China Aerial fewer accidents and dangerous .

    Genie as a Silver Sponsor of the summit meeting in the lobby at the company and product image display tables, many participants have come during the consultation with the relevant product and market information. In addition to The Summit also received international leasing their support China Construction Machinery Association, club management and leasing, joint leasing industry representatives on the Chinese market in the past and future discussions, convinced that China will be difficulties leasing industry, for the construction machinery industry has brought a new atmosphere.

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Suzhou Zuosheng Machinery Technology Co., Ltd
ADD: 186th Ziwei Road, Wangting Town, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou City, China
TEL: 0512-65806972
MOB: 13814812955
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