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    Lift Erected On the Sidewalk in Zhangjiakou

    Recently, the newspaper received a public reflection of the Banking Bureau North east district victory lane on the south side, on the sidewalk stands just finished a renovation of a repair lifts, frequent movements of vehicles awaiting repair, not only affects the traffic, but also a threat to pedestrian safety. Eastbound District Urban Construction Bureau to monitor the enforcement of municipal squadron has its persuasion require removal.

    October 29 morning, the reporter came to the scene, found that about one square meter sidewalk is damaged, a vehicle repair shop set up in the original sidewalk repair lifts 2 meters high, on the wide sidewalk still had not parked for repairs motorcycles, random stacked tires, space is very narrow passage through the re-paving and cleaning oil contaminated parts and a new brick sidewalk was also scattered.

    The reporter then contact east district municipal urban construction bureau monitoring, law enforcement squadron. Rong Yongxin said the team captain, September 21, the law enforcement team has a store in Tel legal representative, introduced the relevant provisions of the "City Road Management Regulations", and persuade its active removal of illegal facilities, then multiple notifications , but the owner has not yet been removed.

    Rong Yongxin, this year, at the Municipal Urban Construction Bureau, east of the area road construction Street East Lane, East Riverside streetlights Lane, Lane and other workers in the village post disrepair nearly 20 Beijiexiaoxiang into the transformation, dredge drainage, sidewalk renovation, hardening of the road, completely solved the travel problem residents. After the construction work is completed, it became the focus of conservation efforts, conservation work is not only to rely on the relevant departments, but we need to actively cooperate with the hope that a roadside shop operators and the general public care for city infrastructure, no digging, no damage to roads, and jointly create a a safe and smooth travel environment.

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ADD: 186th Ziwei Road, Wangting Town, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou City, China
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